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SessFem è un progetto che ha preso ispirazione da FemSex, corso autogestito iniziato alla University of California, Berkeley nella primavera del 1994. Clicca qui per visitare il sito

In questo momento classi di FemSex si stanno tenendo anche presso Brown University, Columbia University, San Francisco e Oakland. Ogni corso, pur essendo stato iniziato da studentesse che hanno seguito FemSex in precedenza, è progettato in maniera diversa per rispondere ai diversi bisogni delle persone e delle comunità alle quali si rivolge.

The Female Sexuality Workshop in the Community (FemSexComm), a modified version of the long-running and popular female sexuality workshop at UC Berkeley and Brown University, will hold its second season this spring in San Francisco and Oakland! The 15-week workshop will run from February 6th to May 15th 2012, meeting once each week from 6-9pm. In San Francisco, there will be a Monday night section and a Tuesday night section. In Oakland, there will be a Monday night section.
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The Female Sexuality class at Columbia was started in Fall 2011 by students in Columbia College who heard about it from friends at Brown and knew they needed it in New York asap. The class is offered once a semester and runs from the second to the last week of classes. While the syllabus received lots of help and inspiration from UC Berkeley and Brown, Columbia’s version is tailored to the needs and lives of our students in this crazy city. For more information contact the facilitators at

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The Female Sexuality Workshop at Brown is a semester long, not-for-credit program that aims to create a mindful, respectful, and open environment. Participants can engage in honest dialogue in order to validate their own experiences and build solidarity within a community of new people founded upon participation and reciprocal commitment. Through group discussion and independent activities participants build ally relationship and camaraderie. They explore and take ownership of their own bodies, pleasure and education. FemSex is a unique space designed to facilitate the exploration of boundaries, desires, identities, and experiences. We hope to build a community of FemSexies who can serve as active allies to themselves, each other, and a diversity of people. Peer facilitators encourage and challenge participants to continue to develop empowered and informed relationships with themselves to bring out into the world.
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